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Niia Sprinkles


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I am Niia Sprinkles.  I am what one may call a "Star Child" but more specifically a "Crystal Child".  As a Crystal Child, we are seen as exceptionally loving, compassionate, and spiritually gifted. We are also described as being highly sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate beings. I radiate love and light, and have a natural inclination towards healing and nurturing others.
I am dedicated to nurturing and educating little ones on well-being and holistic wellness while learning how to gently embrace crystal healing.

I am passionate about living a holistic lifestyle.  Join me as I share my inner radiance, vibrancy and love to help kids like myself.  With my understanding of nature's gifts, I help kids by providing holistic guidance and promoting balance, self-discovery and developing an appreciation of uniqueness.  

Through artful expression, exploring nature, and mind and body exercises, I encourage kids to develop and embrace their natural curiosity, imagination and love for wonders of life and all it has to offer.

Please join me, Niia Sprinkles, on this enchanting path where holistic wellness and crystal-infused guidance come together to create a magical and life-changing journey for kids.  

My collaboration with other kids will create a foundation of holistic wellness and crystal healing that will inspire a lifetime of balance, joy, and fulfillment.

I help them to "Sprinkle The Love Creatively (Sprinkle TLC)"


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