About Us

Sprinkle TLC started merely as an action by a married couple by the names of Tiffany and Nii-Okai Alcide, whose intentions were to help empower the people around them i.e. family and friends. As they continued to help their loved ones, they realized that this was a much bigger initiative. They also realized that their commitment to inspiring others through tiny acts of kindness became infectious and soon their friends and family began to “Sprinkle TLC”. This became the birth of a movement “#SprinkleTLC”. As the movement progressed, the couple turned Sprinkle TLC into a Holistic and Artistic Empowerment company.

Sprinkle TLC is an art business that focuses on “Sprinkling The Love Creatively, Continuously and Collectively”. Our products and services are meant to bring enjoyment, enlightenment, and empowerment.

We create handmade home goods and inspirational pieces with art pieces ranging from holistic to playful and inspirational. We focus on creating functional yet meaningful pieces.  

We also offer Life Coaching through and artistic lens which we have coined as “Art Coaching”.  We are aware of and strictly adhere to the appropriate role of a life coach. Since we are not licensed health care providers or therapists, we do not provide medical advice, engage in patient diagnosis, or practice therapy. We also do not treat or otherwise counsel those with mental illness. While counselors or therapists often deal with a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or processing trauma, a life coach never addresses such issues. Sprinkle TLC’s role as a transformational art life coach is to facilitate clients into

  • increasing their happiness
  • discovering their passion and dreams
  • assistance in controlling negative emotions.

As mentioned above, Sprinkle TLC is also a movement and as a result, we train our clients to “pay it forward” by empowering and inspiring others through creatively demonstrating small acts of love and compassion. Since Tiff and Niio started with their family and friends, Sprinkle TLC uses this as a basis and principle for empowering others.