The Quantum Leap Theory – #MambaForever

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“Heroes Come and Go but Legends Live Forever” Kobe Bryant

For years, I have always believed that when someone passes away it’s because they have fulfilled their job in this lifetime and have passed on the torch to the next individual.  I frequently referenced this as “The Quantum Leap Theory”.  I remember as a kid always watching the TV show “Quantum Leap “.  It focused on a scientist leaping through time to correct historical mistakes.  This show demonstrated my first lesson in understanding purpose fulfillment. It showed that when your purpose is fulfilled then it is time to transition to make room for others.

I started believing this theory when Aaliyah, the singer, passed away in August of 2001.  This was the same summer that Alicia Keys’ first album was released.  As much as it saddens me that Aaliyah passed away, I also felt that she had done her part and then passed the torch on to Alicia Keys (who is doing an amazing job of moving it forward).

On January 26, 2020, we lost another influential individual – Kobe Bryant.  The pain and sorrow this brought to the world was indeed monumental.   In what might seem like an even worse situation, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna (Gigi) was also included in this tragic death.  I too felt the sorrow not just for the loss of a great athlete but also the sorrow of a mom losing her child.

In spite of this sorrow, I realized that there was something else that bothered me about this unforeseen tragedy. It finally hit me – “The Quantum Leap Theory”.  The day before Kobe passed away he reached out to LeBron James to congratulate him on passing him on the NBA’s all-time scoring list on January 24th.  I believe this was indeed Kobe’s moment of passing on the torch.

One may ask then how does his daughter fit into all of this?  If you review the majority of family pics of Kobe, Gigi is always sitting next to her dad.  While of course, Kobe has always made it clear that he loves all his girls, there is no doubt that he had an undeniable, unbreakable bond with his 13-year-old.  They technically were two peas in a pod.


We have all focused on how unfortunate it is that this little girl was involved in such a tragedy but the question that has recently come to my mind is was this actually God protecting her from a lifetime of pain.  If her father was the only one who had passed away, would this little girl have been able to survive his loss?  By no means am I saying that her passing away was a good thing -I would never wish death on anyone.  But let’s also look at the flip side.  Her mom and sisters, though in pain are hanging in albeit by a possible thread.  Would this little girl have been able to be as strong?  I chose to believe that God protects his little ones.  In this case, it was the lesser of 2 evils — a life on earth without her father, her idol or a lifetime with him in heaven.  Some may choose to see things differently and this is only my opinion.  Of course, the preference is to not lose anyone at all but it is important to remember that we are spiritual beings in a physical vessel and though the physical may end the spirit lives on.

Long Live Black Mamba! #MambaForever


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