If You’re Happy And You Know It, Eat Sprinkles…

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ice cream with sprinkles

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM”.

I bet you are thinking about your favorite ice cream right now.  Imagine how much better it would be if it were topped with sprinkles.  Quite frankly, I prefer rainbow sprinkles on Rum’N Raisin ice cream.  Sounds weird I know but it makes me happy.  The site of rainbow sprinkles on anything, be it donuts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc just makes me happy.  I also believe if you are happy and you know it, you will also eat sprinkles.

Whether I am eating sprinkles or just looking at them, it reminds me of my happier times of being a kid.  I momentarily get lost in a world made of sprinkle-filled beaches with Swedish fish, lollipop trees, marshmallow clouds, and gummy bear filled forests.  I revisit being a kid with not a care in the world, no bills to pay and only my imagination at play.  Sprinkles are my symbol of happiness.


After doing a survey on how people felt about sprinkles, I was surprised to find out that there were individuals who did not like sprinkles.  More surprising was that there was a direct correlation between one’s feelings towards sprinkles and their demeanor/outlook on life.   This assessment is not a confirmation or scientific proof but rather an observation based on the survey results. Twenty-two (22) people were questioned about the role sprinkles plays in their lives.  62% responded that they like rainbow sprinkles.



One person went as far as breaking down the colors —

“because rainbow sprinkles has different colors and makes me feel good when I see it and it has all the different emotions in it. Red means angry blue means sad green means good yellow means ok orange means “meh”. “

This insightful observation came from an 8-year-old boy.

77% of the targeted audience also stated that sprinkles brightened up their mood – it did not matter if they were eating them, looking at them or taking a survey about them.



Colors play a key role in our lives.  It affects our mood and aura.  The use of art with an emphasis on color is a very powerful tool for both adults and kids in meditation, reduction of stress, observation of auras and my favorite, balancing of chakras.  (Aura and chakras will be discussed in a later post).  Did you know that all colors can have both a negative and positive effect on your mood?  For example, most people associate the color red with anger, however red is also excellent for those lacking confidence, helps people feel and look more attractive and gives people courage.  

I believe that my love for rainbow sprinkles and bright colors plays a part in my fascination in learning about how to use colors to help improve people’s moods.  As a Transformative Art Life Coach, I enjoy using this knowledge to help others transform their negative emotions and negative energy into useful, positive, uplifting contagious energy.

Leave a comment below if you would love to learn more about how art and colors can help in balancing your emotions and the energy around you.  Also, here is a link to the sprinkles survey.  I would love to know how you feel about sprinkles.  By now you should have picked up on the play on words “Sprinkle TLC”.  Would you fall into the 94% of our audience who agreed that Sprinkle TLC is necessary because positivity begets positivity.



Would you agree with Flo, that Sprinkles are for Winners?

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