Have You Ever Seen a Child Born from A Man’s Womb?

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Mentors of mine were under a big pressure to minimize their femininity to make it. I’m not going to do that. That takes away my power. I’m not going to compromise who I am.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC)

For years women have been the backbone of society, building families and communities but without adequate recognition. We have been regarded as less than equal in many areas e.g financially, economically, socially, politically, etc.  In more recent times as we have become more vocal, we have taken a stronger stance politically to which not many individuals have approved.  Take for instance the verbal thrashing of political representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC) by representative Ted Yoho, the defaming of Hilary Clinton during the 2016 elections and incessant disapproval and mockery of Former First Lady Michelle Obama during her tenure as first lady from 2009 – 2017 because she remained true to herself.

A Woman’s Worth

Countless times society has taken the liberty in defining what a woman’s body should represent in the home and in the workplace. We have been scorned, mocked, degraded, and shamed for our size, shape, and skin color.

We have been classified as the minority although many have not realized that it is the same “minority” which has brought the majority into this world.  Have you ever seen a child born from a man’s womb?  We were given the most difficult job of all — “and still we rise”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all women are meant to be mothers. However, to some degree, we have all nurtured and protected those we love – from our kids, to our parents, extended family, and our community.  A successful woman in power or rather an empowered woman leads with her brains and her heart.

There have been 2 hot topics trending lately with regards to women’s degradation.  This has resulted in a call to action for more women empowerment in the workplace.  Firstly, the (already mentioned) altercation which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC) had with representative Yoho in which he spewed sexual vulgarity towards her.  Secondly, the resurrection of the protest following a December 2019 study titled, “Prevalence of unprofessional social media content among young vascular surgeons”.  This study stressed on the indecency of posing in a bikini for a medical professional.  However, after Hawaii-based Dr. Candy Myhre recently saved a man’s life while in her bikini there have been many medical professionals posting pictures of themselves in swimwear and white coats. 

The Chakra Goddess

As some of you may know, Sprinkle TLC was first created as a movement to encourage showing love and compassion to each other in a more creative manner.  Hence in solidarity with women’s empowerment, I created the Chakra Goddess.   

The Chakra Goddess is a representation of our (women’s) raw, natural beauty. Infusing them with crystals highlights our inner beauty and further exemplifies we are one of the earth’s richest produce. Within us is an abundance of holistic energy.  This energy radiates strength, awareness, consciousness, intelligence, creativity, love, sensuality, protection, and much much more.

The Solidarity Salute

With all that 2020 has brought to us, we would like you to know that we are thinking of each and every one of you.  We stand in solidarity with you and the need for change whether it is women’s empowerment, black lives matter, and ending social racism or wearing a mask. We thank you for your continued support and remind you to remain respectful to yourselves and each other.



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