Artistically Working Through Layers to Balance, Heal and Understand Your Chakras   

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The “If you peel back the layers of your life—the frenzy, the noise—stillness is waiting. That stillness is you.” Oprah Winfrey

Life should be defined as a balancing act.  This post provides steps to artistically work through balancing, healing and understanding the layers in your life.  The video depicts a canvas which is layered with paints and marks.  This canvas represents your life.  The layers put into it represent the external factors that play into our development.  It is a step by step creation of how to balance/understand and heal using an artistic approach.   Many of us go through life seeing only in black and white and failing to observe and appreciate the spectrum in between.

Mindful Emancipation 

This first step is not mandatory but recommended.  In life, before we plunge into any activity there is usually a preparatory step which takes place.  Whether you are taking an exam, painting a new wall or making a delicious meal, these all require you to take some time to think about your deliberate actions and first steps.  

Preparation is both a physical and a mental process. The first part of the video is called “The Cleanse” and deals with mental preparation.   In this clip, we use Palo Santo Wood and our Selenite Crystal Wand to cleanse the energy around the canvas and the art tools which will be used.  These items also help with cleansing our aura/energy and clear our mind.

A huge part of this video focuses is on healing the throat chakra, the videos in this post will be based on the color blue with the Sodalite Crystal as a focal point.  

Bits and Pieces

While we make plans life happens.  You may have steps that you plan on following or recipes that you try to adhere but sometimes life gets in the way. Instead of lamenting on what should have happened or what didn’t happen, embrace what is happening.  This part of the video focuses on freedom – freedom to be you and freedom of expression.  You should deliberately not put much thought to this step.  This is where you tear bits and pieces of paper and glue it to your canvas to create additional layers.  There is deliberately no thought behind how it is applied to the canvas. You just take the bits and pieces of your life to make it into something pure, authentic and beautiful.

The Primer

“Although the tree fell to the ground, the bird’s nest remained standing“ Tiffany Alcide.  

Now that you are mentally prepared, it is time to get physically prepared.   Creating a sound foundation for any project will deliver a sturdy outcome.  The next step to this process is gathering your tools and priming your surface.  As stated earlier, this canvas is a mirror of your life. Prior to painting, you should always prep your surface.  In this video we use Gesso. Gesso is a primer used on raw canvas/ wood to create a more absorbent surface to work on. It helps in having the paint glide over the canvas and in some instances enhances the color of the paint.

The Breakdown

Now that your background is established, take some time to think about the energy within and/or around you. What has been troubling you lately that may have manifested into a physical ailment?  In my case, I was suffering from a sinus infection and a few sore throats. Historically for me, sore throats have always meant that my throat chakra needed healing. More than likely I didn’t communicate correctly or that I was holding back speaking up about my feelings.  My sinus infection started recently when I had to study for a work exam (an exam I did not want to take). This manifested into an unbalance of my third eye chakra.

Before starting back on my canvas, I grabbed my Sodalite crystal which can be used to heal both my throat and third eye chakras and I meditate with it for a bit over my canvas.  I also leave it near me to be used as a focal point while painting.

The Release

Ever feel overwhelmed with so many thoughts and wished you said something or spoke up?  Well now is your time to release it.

Once your canvas is dry, follow the simple instructions to achieving an easy release

      • grab a sharpie (preferably the color you aim to heal)
      • Divide your canvas into 4 quadrants
      • In each quadrant from left to right, write:
        • S (first quadrant), W(second quadrant), O(third quadrant), T (fourth quadrant)
      • In the S section, list out your strengths
      • In the W section, list out your Wins and Weaknesses
      • In the O section, list out your areas Opportunities
      • In the T section list out your Threats and Trusts

Making Your Mark

Now that you have released, it’s time to “Make Your Mark”.  The colors blue and indigo are associated with the “Throat and Third Eye” Chakras respectively.  There are many ways to heal chakras but this post will focus on painting with these healing colors.   Feel free to use colors that call to you but using the same process.  

Surrounding yourself by the color of the chakra you choose to heal is one of the surefire ways to artistically work through balancing, healing and understanding your chakra layers.  Art coupled with energy healing is very powerful and medicinal.

**Supplies used:

  1. 16×20 Canvas
  2. Liquitex Gesso
  3. Paintbrushes of various sizes (AC Moore, Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
  4. Acrylic paint (AC Moore, Michaels or Hobby Lobby)
    1. (various shades of blue, black, white and purple)
  5. Palo Santo
  6. Selenite Wand
  7. Sodalite Crystal

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