A Tribute to the Suffering

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“It is forgivable to say nothing out of ignorance; it’s inexcusable to remain silent once awareness dawns    – Joshua Ferris

Every month many health societies reach out for assistance, volunteers, and donations to bring more awareness to the effects of debilitating health issues.  I am guilty of just donating but never really taking the time to understand what most of these diseases are or how it really affects the suffering.    Actually, I have encountered other people who only pay attention to these societies when they are on the receiving end.  Truth is, paying attention sooner or becoming more aware would allow us to be able to educate ourselves, others and better prepare ourselves to interact with the suffering.  According to the Oxford Dictionary, Awareness is “Concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.”  Based on this definition how many of us can really say that we are knowledgeable about the health issues to which we contribute.

Taking Action Before It’s Too Late

This past weekend was a very rough weekend for my family and I.  We lost a family member through the battle with Lupus and buried him on Saturday.  His death made me aware of how ignorant I am to a lot of illnesses and that we should not only contribute financially but be active and pro-active participants in helping find cures and treatments.  We also need to learn about recognizing the signs of flare-ups and be able to educate others as well.

Another important observation this brought to light was that families need to band together more.  I am definitely guilty of living in a bubble more times than I should.  While it is not intentional, I realize that my lack of presence also leads to lack of awareness.  I am pretty sure that there are many who could possibly relate to this level of ignorance.  To those reading this and to those whom you know could relate, I say “It’s not too late”.

We need to be more available for our suffering loved ones.  Check in on them, text them, call them, tag/poke them on social media.  Many sufferers do not complain, a lot of them sometimes show no symptoms until the pain becomes extreme. Let’s salute our warriors, let them know that we admire the fight in them.  Let’s give a tribute to the suffering!

A Few Health Awarenesses Listed by Month

For more information on Other Health Awareness Program

HealthLine.org has an extensive list of health awareness by month. You may not be able to learn about all but get educated on a few that hit close to home.

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